The effect of wood on the psychological health of a person

Wood in the home is extremely beneficial for human health, because wood has ability to restore air in the house, maintain optimal humidity and keep warm. But the most interesting wood property is the impact on human psychological health. In ancient times, it was recognized that wood relieves fatigue and restores strength.

Wood has healing properties relative to the human body, as it removes stress and discontent, restores the nervous system, improves sleep quality, increases physical activity and creative thinking. Even the color of wood can have an affect on the human psychological health. Wood creates a feeling of peace, coziness and comfort.

In addition to this, wood species also have effect. So, by choosing a specific wood species, you can influence not only the emotional state of a person but also his character. For example, you can develop a tolerance for people, self-confidence, get rid of excess energy.

Introducing wood or wooden decor in your home has been scientifically proven to have positive effects on the emotional state of people.  Based on studies carried out in Norway, Japan, Canada and Austria, wood seems to help reduce blood pressure and have a calming effect, therefore reduces anxiety and depression.

Since wood is a natural material, it will help you live in harmony with nature. It will restore strength and harmony, give peace and love for life.  Even touching wood gives people a feeling of safety and being close to nature.


October 05, 2022 — Ian Nethercot