Our Story

We are Switchup Signs

Providing you an innovative and versatile home decor solution to transform your space effortlessly. Our unique products offers endless possibilities to style any room in your home whenever the mood strikes!

We believe your home is your sanctuary, your happy place, your place to build memories. 

Where it all began…..

My Wife and I, love our home, it is the place where we are most comfortable. We understand the desire for change and self-expression because we always want to display décor that is a representation of ourselves that connects us with the outside world. We like to change the theme in a room based on the season, life events or just our mood. We were tired of changing traditional wall signs around to refresh our home. That was when we had the ‘aha’ moment - and Switchup Signs was born!

Homeowners want to change the look of their home regularly, but they don't want to commit to a permanent design. Our products provide an affordable, hassle-free solution that allows you have your home, your style, your way!

Ian Nethercot, Founder and CEO

Who we are

We are Ian and Faye, a Husband and Wife team that is dedicated and committed to help make your home your sanctuary, your happy place and your place to build memories. Xx

Our Mission

We want Switchup Signs to put a piece of happiness in every home around the world. We would love you to come on this journey with us.

Our Vision

Your walls are brimming with refreshing possibilities, we want to empower people to curate spaces that reflect their unique personalities, moods and stories.